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We regret to inform you that the Westgrove Hotel has extended our temporpary closure until Monday 20th April 2020.   We have taken this decision following the address by An Taoiseach this afternoon and for the continuing safety of our expectional staff and out of regard for our valued customers.    Ultimately, we believe we have a social responsibililty to do everything within our power to fight the spread of COVID-19.

It has been our priority to communicate with our imminently booked guests to advise them of this unprecedented closure.   From now on we will continue to keep all our followers and friends up to date via our social media channels.   Please feel free to contact our team via the traditional communication channels should you have any questions, wish to move a pending reservation or just to keep in touch.

We look forward to and will be preparing for happier times when we are all back to our beloved business of hospitality again.

Our appreciation and thoughts are with the staff in our hospitals and on the front line, who are fighting for our futures.

Wishing you all good health - stay safe and be kind.

Jerry Russell, General Manager

and all the team at the Westgrove Hotel